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Impole Internet of Things [IoT] Practice Growth

Waltham, MA. May 25, 2017. One year after this focused practice was formed Impole is experiencing increased demand from IoT technology suppliers who are seeking incisive intelligence on companies which are undertaking automation initiatives.
Although, most companies believe greater investment in IoT initiatives may soon deliver far more transformational change than the incremental improvements seen to date they are proceeding cautiously because of the 70% failure rate of pilot projects.
Still more and more organizations are developing new innovative products as illustrated by one large global company executive’s quote:
“The internet of things is really only going to get bigger, you can sit on the sidelines and watch, or dive in and participate and try to influence where things go. We’re diving in.”
VP of Innovation, Connected Devices, Industrial & Consumer Products

Eugene Lysak, Executive of Impole, comments: “Many vendors turn to us to gain sharper field intelligence which as an auxiliary component improves their IoT market strategy. He added, IoT initiative contemplating organizations know that they need to give their IoT efforts more prominence when adopting capability-building projects, which they now tend to overlook due to faster investment returns pressure.”

Impole’s direct proactive research highlights account’s emotional aspects, often well hidden. This mainly human dynamics is very hard to uncover by traditional marketing, or even by digital marketing and AI analytics but is indispensable to success in complex market such as IoT, added Mr. Lysak

Impole’s client base is mostly comprised of leading technology companies and innovative startups who seek to transform their marketing and sales practices to succeed in IoT markets. They realize that IoT applications cannot be randomly offered but carefully packaged and readily integrated with allied technologies as well as consideration given to the impact on legacy systems.

The account intelligence which IoT technology vendors require in order to properly position their products should be gained early in the adoption cycle so there is time to customize an approach.

For more information on Impole’s Internet of Things innovative marketing insight and programs please contact Eugene S. Lysak at esl@impole.com or 781-890-9522 ext. 1157

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