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Impole Corporation forms Internet of Things [IoT] Practice

Waltham, MA. March 27, 2016. Impole Corporation, a business specializing in account based sales and market intelligence, is pleased to announce that its new "IoT" practice [Internet of Things] has met with very positive response from its client base.

The practice was born because the IoT market and its applications are complex and require much better account intelligence than traditional end user marketing and the digital marketing paradigm can deliver.

The revenue development cycle for "Net New" prospective accounts of IoT applications is and account coverage for many companies with IoT wane as their market facing units are uncertain how to balance their activities in order to assure inflow of both short term and ongoing revenue streams.

Vendors' technologies in embedded IoT applications cannot be randomly offered but on an integrated basis incorporating allied technologies. The account intelligence which IoT technology vendors require in order to fully position their product or solutions benefit has to be supplied early so they have time to customize their approach.

Impole's client base is mostly comprised of leading enterprise oriented companies who understand that they need to transform their sales enablement routes to succeed in IoT markets. "They understand that they need a hybrid model including an outside highly skilled marketing vendor who can be better perform market coverage and identify the best prospective customers faster." said Patricia R. Lysak, the President and Chief Customer Officer of Impole.

Direct proactive contact with a prospective IoT customer highlights the emotional aspects and account dynamics in a vendor's target base, which are often hidden in traditional demand generation practices but are indispensable in complex markets such as IoT." continued Ms. Lysak.

For more information on Impole's Internet of Things Practice please contact Eugene S. Lysak at esl@impole.com or 781-890-9522 ext. 1157

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Impole's evidence based services has helped numerous global companies to startups grow their business-to-business revenue by delivering potent go-to-market methods.

Impole, especially impacts diverse industry companies who offer packaged solution and require integration of complex go to market processes and need to balance customer base and new growth.

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Patricia Lysak joined Impole Corporation in 1988 and has held executive positions in all corporate areas becoming President and Chief Executive Officer in 2002. In her career with Impole, Pat has successfully managed long term client relationships and hundreds of programs designed to accelerate client revenues, among others, of such well-known companies as EMC, IBM and SAP. Pat's style is shirt-sleeve and she works very closely with clients to understand their needs and deliver the best possible results. In 2008, she transformed Impole into a leading certified woman-owned business, which is consistently placed among top Massachusetts women led enterprises. Prior to joining Impole, Pat had a successful career with The Gillette Company and Avery Dennison holding a number of management positions with increasing responsibility in operational planning and new business development. Pat is a graduate of Wells College in New York State and an MBA candidate at Babson College.


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